Hey everyone,

Following hot off the heals of Volume 1, we are delighted that Volume 2 is available, featuring 24 wonderful artists inc. Time Attendant, Gagarin, Conflux Coldwell, The Revenant Sea and more.

ISOLATION AND REJECTION is a multi-volume compilation of rejected sounds, all for The Brick, a fantastic charity in Wigan.


From small ideas and a little hope come rejection, loss and disappointment.

But we won’t let you down – you are safe here.

ISOLATION AND REJECTION was born out of thinking about what happened to all the tracks that didn’t make it onto those fancy compilations, and is now turning into an ongoing project to collect, collate and promote rejected sounds. This is not an isolation project – it’s a rejection project.

With over 100 artists signed up, we are going to release five volumes over the next few months. Each volume will showcase those lost gems, discarded and abandoned but now lovingly embraced and put front and centre for your enjoyment. We’ll also be sharing the stories behind the rejection – funny, weird and sometimes a little heart breaking.

Here’s the full track list for Vol 2:

  1. Lose a Leg – Thinking About It
  2. Gagarin – Studio 54 Revisited
  3. Time Attendant – Binocular Visions
  4. Caper One & Vandal Deca – Ghostmiles (Tin Cans & Strong Mix)
  5. Andrew Haines – Full Moon @ The Shaman’s Oak
  6. Audio Obscura – Castles On Earth
  7. Conflux Coldwell – Ran Aground Off Thanet
  8. Crisp Packet Jackets – Dreadful Own Brand
  9. Aged – heinrichwave dot wave
  10. Sairie – The House Of The Rising Sun
  11. James A. McDermid – Starved Lips in the Gloam
  12. Acid Wilhelm – My Aharonov–Bohm Effect
  13. The Revenant Sea – No Later
  14. Hwyl Nofio – Music For Broken Toy Pianos
  15. Sparkling Seagull – Cosmic Furniture
  16. Free Magic Show – odwołany lot do Krakowa
  17. St James Infirmary – Higging
  18. Baron Farg – Sin Mission
  19. Drunk Keith! – The Poltergeist Wife!
  20. Stu & Rav. – Blahk
  21. Pete Warren – Brief Respite
  22. Von Heuser – Bring Me The Head Of J.W.
  23. Jeffrey Sinibaldi + JS Adams – Axe Marks The Spot
  24. Kallie Marie – In The Arms of Overreach

Artists contributing to the series include Time Attendant, Howlround, Dolly Dolly, Cahn Ingold Prelog, Alison Cotton, Farmer Glitch, Rupert Lally, Sone Institute, The Declining Winter, TVO, Ekoplekz, Kemper Norton, Boobs of Doom, Grey Frequency, Elizabeth Joan Kelly, Thomas Ragsdale and many many more.

Some you will know and some maybe you won’t.

Volumes 3, 4 and 5 of ISOLATION AND REJECTION will follow shortly.

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