The adventure continues, we continue our exploration of stealing stuff via RENTAL YIELDS.

Following hot on the heels of VOLUME ONE, Front & Follow and the Gated Canal Community present your second helping of RENTAL YIELDS – a multi-release collaboration project raising money to tackle homelessness in Manchester.

Inspired (if that’s the right word – perhaps ‘motivated’…) by our current housing system, the project encourages artists to steal (or borrow, nicely) from another artist to create their own new track – in the process producing HIGH RENTAL YIELDS.

Over 100 artists are now involved (the spreadsheet is fun), each one tasked with creating a new track from the sounds created by someone else – we are then collating the tracks and releasing them over the course of the next year.

This is VOLUME TWO, featuring the likes of Graham Dunning, Grey Frequency, Kemper Norton, Hannya White, Pulselovers and 23 Hanging Trees.

All money raised will go to SPIN (Supporting People in Need), whose purpose is to feed, shelter, clothe and generally support the homeless and people in need of Greater Manchester.

“Darkness descends. Where there was a stillness, there is an electrical surge. The towers in space are alive with the expectations of the night. Hundreds of individuals performing hundreds of individual acts.

The silence will be coming soon. But for now the towers in space buzz with the need to engage. Not a personal interaction. But an engagement all the same. Digital messages criss-cross invisibly as connection is made. The individuals react and keep the communication alive. The towers in space are home to these messages. The towers in space are home to these messengers.”

Coming soon… Volumes 3, 4, 5 and 6.



1.  Twenty Three Hanging Trees vs Phexioenesystems – Démantèlement Hexanique

2.  Camp of Wolves vs Rupert Lally – Wait At The Corner

3.  Kieran Mahon vs CuSi Sound – Fanfare For The Uncommon Man

4.  Polyhymns x Dave Clarkson – Stoney Middleton Revisited

5.  Steve Hadfield x Jonathan Higgins – The Rent Hike Gambit

6.  Letters From Mouse vs Wodwo – Without Doors

7.  Hannya White vs Petta Luck – Lullaby Too Far

8.  HyMettus Woods vs Sun Curves – iß ͧ ·• ᵓC ➎ ɘ Beyond Words Minimal Mix

9.  Graham Reznick vs Kepier Widow – One Nine Nine Three

10. Graham Dunning vs THAT CLOUD – There’s another one, careful

11. Four Italian Pep Pills vs A Beautiful Idea – Famous in the Holiday Inn in Bolton

12. [we sell boxes] vs James Stiff – Skarne Shortcomings

13. Moray Newlands vs ireless – The Opportunity of a Lifetime

14. Grey Frequency vs Dan Pope – Austere Sights

15. preston.outatime vs Moid – HorseCollider

16. The Snaps Jar vs Exit Chamber – Pillars Crumble

17. Sarmism vs Hitodama Drone – The Book of Trespass

18. Pulselovers vs Wound – Flowmotion

19. Guerrilla Biscuits vs The Both And – Rentier Liquidiser

20. Kemper Norton vs Kuma – Under Instruction

Mastered by Anthony Morrow / Additional words by Dan Roberts