Kemper Norton presents Spingoed

Front & Follow present Helston 2014: Spingoed, a collection of remixes of the Kemper Norton track Helston 91, taken from his recent album Loor.

Kemper Norton bring together a group of experimental comrades to reinterpret their work in their own unique ways.  Featuring Embla Quickbeam, Ship Canal, Laura Cannell, TVO, Ekoplekz and IX Tab.

Stereos beware.

GET HOLD OF IT HERE (from 8th Dec)

Kemper Norton - Loor


proudly present the new album from Kemper Norton – Loor.

Seen as a nocturnal and corrupted sequel to their previous album, Carn (released last year on Exotic Pylon), the album’s creation was inspired by real and imagined cities from childhood, bathed in traditional folk, found sounds and community chants, celebrations and invocations. Loor (which is Cornish for moon) represents the next ambitious transmission in the expanding audio landscape that Kemper Norton are creating.

The limited first edition of Loor comes with a second disc entitled ‘Salvaged’ – a collection of rarities from the Kemper Norton archives available on CD for the first time.  The collection is also available to download.


The songs on Loor are a loose trilogy of nocturnal encounters, searches and awakenings, often with Kemper Norton revisiting old foes from previous albums and encouraging new treacherous encounters.

Kemper Norton previously appeared on F&F in the Collision/Detection series and as part of the Outer Church compilation.

Last year Kemper Norton were featured in The Wire alongside Hacker Farm and IX Tab (whose album is out soon on Exotic Pylon), and was interviewed by The Quietus (read closely for the first sturrings of Loor).

Lutine - White Flowers

Lutine's debut album, White Flowers, is OUT NOW - buy from the F&F shopbandcamp and all good real and online stores.

The 1st edition CD is limited to just 300 copies, in gatefold sleeve with booklet and inserts (check out some more photos here).

If you are a Wire subscriber you can also hear an exclusive track from the album on the latest Below the Radar comp.

Both Gideon Coe and Luaren Laverne have been playing it on 6 Music, and here’s a taste of what others have been saying:

“Their vocal phrasing, musical idiom and lyrical symbolism is so finely judged it’s hard to tell which of the tracks on White Flowers are traditional… Their transhistorical lyrics could be 300 years old, or from a science fiction television series. Their sound owes as much to synth pop, minimalism and acid folk as it does to the traditional or classical tradition. Autoharp glides effortlessly across electrified piano. Tales of life and death stretch backwards and forwards through the centuries.” – Unofficial Britain

“Delicate, fragile and almost ghostly, the music of Lutine, mixes elements of folk, classical and minimalism into a gossamer whole, with sweet harmonies and sparse instrumentation drifting together to create ‘White Flowers’  a ten track collection that will enchant your cynical self and relax your very soul. Featuring Heather Minor and Emma Morton, the first thing that strikes you is their beautiful voices that work so well together with the title track being an early highlight, piano and voice dancing softly and joyously around the room, the equally wonderful ‘So It Goes’ having a traditional feel and something of the qualities of Shirley and Dolly Collins about it.This is a truly delightful collection that will definitely be played frequently around here…” – Terrascope

“If you should take sprinklings, seedings and pathways to and from the following then you may arrive at some sense of this body of work; the songbird travellers of Finders Keepers, in particular Paper Dollhouse and Magpahi, the coruscating journeys of Espers, possibly the purity of that teller/re-teller of old stories Anne Briggs, voices such as Audrey Copard from past revivals of folkloric music that seem to have stepped aside and into spaces of their own, the swooping ancient tellings of Dead Can Dance and Lisa Gerrard, the encompassing tranquil dramaticisms of the Cocteau Twins, interrelated Songs From The Siren and their journeying alongside swathes of minimalist piano from Mr Harold Budd…” – A Year in the Country

"These are sad, intimate songs rooted in deep folk tradition but given a contemporary lease of life by virtue of the beautifully spare and sympathetic arrangements that cradle these two electrifying, pitch-perfect voices. It's not an easy CD with which to skip tracks, you feel like you're kicking an angel hard in the face by merely cutting those delicious tones short. A sublime, heartfelt collection from the ever-canny Front & Follow stable." - Norman Records

"Somehow, I know that these songs have existed centuries before either I or Lutine came to be, with our bodies merely built to house the songs as either players or listeners. And yet, for the timelessness that carries this album backward and forward simultaneously, the voices of Lutine are breathtaking droplets of present tense: vibrato quivering like disturbed lakewater, notes descending like warm tears upon winter cheeks." - ATTN Magazine

Lutine debut with Sallow Tree

Every now and then you hear something which completely blows you away.

We came across Lutine performing at Joseph Stannard’s OuterChurch last year, and were immediately mesmerised by Heather and Emma's vocals, drawn in by the perfect songwriting. Now less than a year later and they have produced something very very special.  Of course, we would say that, but take a listen…

We are delighted to present Sallow Tree, the debut single by Lutine and the first track from their forthcoming album White Flowers.

Sallow Tree is a download-only single, available on Monday 25th August. 

Formed last year in Brighton, Lutine are already establishing themselves are a mesmerising live act through a handful of shows (for the likes of Joseph Stannard’s The Outer Church and recent supports for Kristen McClement and unlikely bedfellows Stephen O’Malley) and have now translated their minimal, fragile and evocative sound onto record for the first time.

“Flawless harmonies, layered across both traditional and original songs that frequently seethe with a honeyed menace.”
- Joseph Stannard, The Wire

Their debut album, White Flowers, is released on Front & Follow on 29th September – more news on that very soon…

Pye Corner Audio - The Black Mist EP

**OUT NOW** 

Limited stock via the F&F shop...

We are delighted to announce The Black Mist EP by Pye Corner Audio - the next phase is our on-going collaborations with The Outer Church.

The EP features an extended mix of the title track Black Mist (the original featured on last year’s Outer Church compilation), new track Bulk Erase and a remix of Black Mist by fellow OC collaborators Old Apparatus.

The EP is released on Monday 18th August* as a limited edition (of 500) 12” on 180g vinyl, and to download digitally.

PRE-ORDER NOW from our ONLINE SHOP and our BANDCAMP page.  The EP will be available through all major physical and online shops upon release as well.
And look out for more tracks and some live dates to come...

The Black Mist EP

Pye Corner Audio is the audio recovery project of the Head Technician, a mysterious and studious figure who has developed the ability to travel sideways through time and space via a) the use of rewired analogue recording equipment and b) the judicious application of moss and fog. Alongside the self-released Black Mill Tapes research series (recently collected on vinyl and CD by Type Records), the Head Technician has released music through Dekorder, Type, The Tapeworm and Boomkat Editions, not to mention a full-length album, Sleep Games, on Ghost Box. Earlier this year, he was coaxed out of the lab and indeed the British Isles to join Mogwai on their European tour, where he took considerable pleasure in sampling the lichen of foreign lands. The Head Technician claims not to know where the bodies are buried, but would be happy to show you his reels.

Old Apparatus were specially selected by the Head Technician to remix Black Mist and turn in a distressed version very much in keeping with their rusted iron aesthetic. A collective formed of shady individuals most often found muttering obscure invocations in the low-rent drinking dens of North East London, their stubbornly uncategorisable sound debuted in 2010 with a hissing, creaking self-titled 12” on Mala’s esteemed Deep MEDilabel. Following a series of nocturnal emissions pseudonymously credited to each member, their debut album, Compendium, was released on their own Sullen Tone label in 2013. The outfit has in addition birthed a number of intriguing offshoots such asHarem, Saa and Penny. One of them may be standing behind you right now, reading this over your shoulder. Don’t look.

Much imitated but never equalled, The Outer Church is a shadowy Brighton-based organisation dedicated to the promotion of uncanny sound and vision. Its semi-human representative is music writer (The Wire, Mojo, Red Bull Music Academy, The Quietusetc) and persistent meddler Joseph Stannard. Since its inception in 2009, The Outer Church has presented live audiovisual performances from Demdike Stare, Raime, Pye Corner Audio, Some Truths, Ekoplekz, Kemper Norton, Hacker Farm, Umberto, High Wolf, Grumbling Fur and many, many more. “Magnum Innominandum. A random access myth. The clarion signals the opening of the portal. Remember to take a reading. A hex and a pox and the land is ours.”

*Due to a delay in manufacture the EP will now be released on 18th August – we hope to send out all pre-orders before then, and all pre-orders via bandcamp come with free immediate digital download of the EP.