Hey everyone,

I’m delighted that Volume 1 of our new project is now available.

ISOLATION AND REJECTION is a multi-volume compilation of rejected sounds. Vol 1 features the likes of Ekoplekz, Kemper Norton, Boobs of Doom, Elizabeth Joan Kelly, Grey Frequency and Thomas Ragsdale.

All the official blurb is below, but first…


Recent coverage…

“It has been most thoughtfully compiled and programmed so that its strange cargo of rejects contrast and complement one another as part of a remarkable whole.” – Echoes and Dust

“Isolation & Rejection Vol 1 is a magnificent collection at any time, but also serves as a contemplative soundtrack to strange and troubling times. It’s also classic F&F.” – Aural Aggravation

Check it this guest mix featuring tracks from across the five volumes, made for Kites and Pylons.

Thanks also to Phantom CircuitSoundsphereThe SéanceRebellious Jukebox and Dark Train for featuring the project.

We also got mentioned in Warren Ellis’ newsletter Orbital Operations (the writer not the musician).  I’ve sent him the Front & Follow releases since we started, and some he’s liked and mentioned.  The experiences that have been shared by women working with him/knowing him are just horrific, and we stand with them and believe them.  I also thought his apology and “I didn’t realise how powerful I was” excuses were complete bullshit. That is our official position.

The blurb

From small ideas and a little hope come rejection, loss and disappointment.

But we won’t let you down – you are safe here.

ISOLATION AND REJECTION was born out of thinking about what happened to all the tracks that didn’t make it onto those fancy compilations, and is now turning into an ongoing project to collect, collate and promote rejected sounds. This is not an isolation project – it’s a rejection project.

With over 100 artists signed up, we are going to release five volumes over the next few months. Each volume will showcase those lost gems, discarded and abandoned but now lovingly embraced and put front and centre for your enjoyment. We’ll also be sharing the stories behind the rejection – funny, weird and sometimes a little heart breaking.

All money raised is going to The Brick in Wigan – an amazing charity supporting some of our most vulnerable communities.

Here’s the full track list for Vol 1:

  1. Kemper Norton – Unrequited 47
  2. Grey Frequency – Dissolve
  3. K – Failure of Presence
  4. Solo1 – Azzuri Ilta Sorella
  5. Basic Design – Dream Archipelago
  6. Yumah – Escape
  7. Carya Amara – Dining With Phineus
  8. Secret Nuclear – Surrey Administration Facility
  9. ANZAK – Aluminic Bromide
  10. CukoO – Simian
  11. Boobs of Doom – Scumbellina (Me Gam Ega, Quisling)
  12. Yellow6 – Work1
  13. Ekoplekz – Rejected Replekz
  14. Selfish Limbs – Missing Voices
  15. Thomas Ragsdale – The Light Between
  16. Traw – Congratulations To The Young Men of Bucharest
  17. Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Waking Up With A Cat On My Face
  18. Hybernation – Fragile Times
  19. Darrg – Bats & Clocks
  20. TVO – A Wave As The Coast Disappears From View

Artists contributing to the series include Time Attendant, Howlround, Dolly Dolly, Cahn Ingold Prelog, Alison Cotton, Farmer Glitch, Rupert Lally, Sone Institute, The Declining Winter, TVO, Ekoplekz, Kemper Norton, Boobs of Doom, Grey Frequency, Elizabeth Joan Kelly, Thomas Ragsdale and many many more.

Some you will know and some maybe you won’t.

Volumes 2, 3, 4 and 5 of ISOLATION AND REJECTION will follow shortly.

If you haven’t yet – GRAB VOLUME 1 HERE

p.s. We are still officially in hibernation x