Collision/Detection v1 OUT NOW

The first EP in the new Collision/Detection series, by Psychological Strategy Board, is out now to download.

Head to for more info.

‘Psychological Strategy Board’s Jonny Mugwump and Paul Snowdon are not interested in pandering to their audience, but rather serve the music whole and undiluted for the listener to accept or reject. This boldness in sound lends great results with a wild experimentalism, akin to a near-relative of Morton Feldman crossed with angry French synth-punks Metal Urbain.’- Fluid Radio (full review HERE)

‘…the resulting oddness, like a perfectly glued Airfix kit of sound that melts straight into your cranium’- Rottenmeats (full review HERE)

‘Machine hum; ghost train clanking…or ghost trails… fogfucked mornings at the edge of the world;fishing boats rattling lobster pots against the shingle… the sea just about to swallow everything whole…’- An Idiot’s Guide to Dreaming (full review HERE)

Last Harbour remixes feat. Sone Institute & BLK w/BEAR

The new album from the wonderful Last Harbour is out now, released on Manchester’s Little Red Rabbit label. ‘Your Heart, It Carries the Sound’ comes is a stunning bespoke package (one we would be proud of), and the first 100 copies come with a bonus remix album (titled ‘Escape was all I ever meant’) featuring our very own Sone Institute and Trace Recordings’ BLK w/BEAR (as well as a host of others including Fieldhead and Paul Gregory from Lanterns on the Lake).

Head over to their website to pick up a copy quick.