Collision/Detection v4 by Hong Kong in the 60s

The fourth EP in the Collision/Detection project comes from Hong Kong in the 60s – bringing a unique and inspired vision to the series.
Hong Kong In The 60s are a three-piece electronic pop band from London and Cambridge, who released their debut album, “My Fantoms” in 2011. In the last couple of years, they have also released a collaborative 7″ with The Advisory Circle on the Ghost Box label and supported The High Llamas at the South Bank Centre.

The aim with this EP was to adapt the more abstract samples to melodic songform, whilst retaining their essential atmosphere. As the four songs were composed and recorded, a pastoral theme organically emerged, with each track describing a waypoint in an imaginary journey. “Into The Forest Of Eyes” also marks the next installment in the band’s ongoing Mouse Opera.

Collision/Detection is the second experimental audio project from Long Division with Remainders (LDWR) which sees invited artists submit audio clips into a central pot, which is then distributed around the group and others to do with as they see fit, resulting in a series of digital EPs released across the 2012 and 2013, then collected into a box set. The project will feature new and exclusive releases from a host of artists including Sone Institute, Isnaj Dui, The Doomed Bird of Providence, Kemper Norton and BLK Tag (BLK w/BEAR & Tag Cloud).
Current versions:
v1 by Psychological Strategy Board
v2 by West Norwood Cassette Library
v3 by The Lord