We return with another volume of our RENTAL YIELDS project. Will it ever end? Probably not. Enjoy!

Front & Follow and Gated Canal Community present VOLUME THREE of RENTAL YIELDS – a multi-release collaboration project raising money to tackle homelessness in Manchester.

Inspired (if that’s the right word – perhaps ‘motivated’…) by our current housing system, the project encourages artists to steal (or borrow, nicely) from another artist to create their own new track – in the process producing HIGH RENTAL YIELDS.

Over 100 artists are now involved (the spreadsheet is fun), each one tasked with creating a new track from the sounds created by someone else – we are then collating the tracks and releasing them over the course of the next year.

This is VOLUME THREE, featuring 25 new tracks and 50 artists.

All money raised will go to SPIN (Supporting People in Need), whose purpose is to feed, shelter, clothe and generally support the homeless and people in need of Greater Manchester.

“We couldn’t move the body from the mezzanine.

A yield curve is a line that plots yields (interest rates) of bonds having equal credit quality but differing maturity dates. The slope of the yield curve gives an idea of future interest rate changes and economic activity.

One new ghost yet to come.

For reasons of taste, Robert insisted on the cream bags rather than the green. The bags, therefore, were too flimsy to hold his rather substantial corpse. We considered slicing it up but, in full view of the busy grey quadrant, we felt this a rather fragrant move. His gymnasium access card slipped from his pocket and landed face down on the cold floor.

Concrete ballast on a leaking ship.

Upcurved yields, immature as yet.

Bring me my Filofax, Sharon.

And don’t spare the horses.”

Track list


1.    Audio Obscura VS Secret Nuclear – Vacant Period

2.    The New Emphatic vs Graham Reznick – Coming Home

3.    Revbjelde vs Arvik Torrenssen – trixon psyykesoup

4.    K of Arc Vs TVO – Secret Rite in the Stroudwater Suite

5.    The Revenant Sea vs Gormless – Blank Loop Structure

6.    Pettaluck Vs Giant Head – Dot to Dot

7.    Megaheadphoneboy vs Soloman Tump – Guaranteed Returns

8.    Jonathan Higgins vs Andrew Haines – a_single_point

9.    Autumna vs bleepeater – Marks Land

10. Field Lines Cartographer vs Graham Dunning – Broken_Wires

11. Sone Institute vs Twenty Three Hanging Trees – Night Voyage

12. Her Majesty’s Coroner for Wirral vs Polypores – r_UKlandlords

13. The Metamorph vs Kinver Pond – Perspex Heliotrope

14. Concrete/Field vs solo1 – section 106 obligation avoidance module

15. Von Heuser vs Silver Tears – (Sunken) Scarlet Eyes

16. Lines of Silence vs Robin The Fog – Dead Yet

17. David Wallraf vs Opium Harlots – Houses in Slow Motion

18. The Ephemeral Man vs Kat Bryan – Long Way Home

19. Heavy Cloud vs Farmer Glitch – Inside your house; a place of mirrors and ghosts

20. Caleb Joyce vs Polyhymns – Nothing Was Happening

21. Decommissioned Forests vs Pulselovers – Rental Yields

22. A Beautiful Idea vs Repeated Viewing – Uneasy In The Sunshine


24. Vex Message vs Sarmism – Xstabeth (in memory of David W. Keenan)

25. Shit Creek vs Letters From Mouse – cluttercup

Mastered by Anthony Morrow / Additional words by Spenser Tomson