Collision/Detection v2 by West Norwood Cassette Library

Our second EP in the Collision/Detection series is OUT NOW, and comes from West Norwood Cassette Library.

His LDWR version encompasses the “warm and rough”(FACT Magazine) house style epitomised by Collision Bump and the drum & bass-charged approach of What’s Going On (Stuff is Happening), which is West Norwood Cassette Library’s homage to Jonny Mugwump and his Exotic Pylon (samples taken from his radio show). The project is book ended with two short collage pieces, Intro Digest and Outro Digest based on West Norwood Cassette Library’s recent “Instant Digest” project (hosted by the Modifyer blog).

Check out more on West Norwood Cassette Library HERE.

The stunning cover is again from Paul Loudon

More info on LDWR at