OUT NOW – The Blow Volume 4

OUT NOW: the fourth in our series of split releases bringing together two of our favourite artists. Volume 4 features the wonderful Jodie Lowther and A.R.C. Soundtracks.

You can stream the whole album over at The Quietus, then go buy it HERE and from all good digital and real world record shops.

‘The Blow’ project brings two artists together to formulate a collaborative release of their own making. Each artist has a side of audio to do whatever they want with. The two artists are encouraged to work together on the release, but the length and depth of this collaboration is completely up to them and agreed on a release-by-release basis – there are no set parameters, no fancy rules, no memorandum of understanding, no initiation ceremonies.

Each edition of The Blow comes on limited edition cassette with artwork by letterpress artist David Armes of Red Plate Press (redplatepress.com) and download.

Jodie Lowther is a musician, illustrator & video artist from the UK who mostly records minimal and ethereal songs. In all of her art, she says she is mostly inspired by dreams, surrealism, psychedelia and horror.

A.R.C. Soundtracks is the audio/visual project of K Craig and David Armes based in the north of England. Marrying bleak drones, echoed-out percussion and FX-heavy spoken-word to disorientating, ritualistic visuals, they make for an unsettling encounter.

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