Kemper Norton

Kemper Norton’s most recent album, Loor, was inspired by real and imagined cities from childhood, bathed in traditional folk, found sounds and community chants, celebrations and invocations. Loor (which is Cornish for moon) represents the next ambitious transmission in the expanding audio landscape that Kemper Norton are creating.

No-one ever described Kemper Norton better than this:

The music of Kemper Norton streaks across the ages like a tipsy beach-comber, enthusiastically and expertly skipping across time’s tide and handpicking an array of instruments, contexts and influences to form what he succinctly describes as “coastal slurtronic folk”. Far from being a romantic nostalgia trip, like the rash of recent releases that turn today’s laptops into yesteryear’s Radiophonic Workshop to relive their youths spent watching cult TV, Kemper Norton’s music exists within the continuum, encapsulating a free range of sounds and stories spread throughout history. Russell Cuznor, The Quietus

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