Shape Worship – A City Rewritten

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In the latest in a series of projects bringing together recent releases and a range of new artists, Front & Follow present A City Rewritten, featuring reinterpretations of Shape Worship’s A City Remembrancer from Laura Cannell, Pye Corner Audio, Eva Bowan, Hoofus, Kemper Norton and Lutine.

Listen to Pye Corner Audio’s remix below:


Ed Gillett has been working under the name Shape Worship since 2011. His debut releases (the Observances EP on Exotic Pylon and the Throughways 7″ on Gang of Ducks) weaved dense layers of foggy ambience and rich melodicism around rough-hewn, dancefloor-inspired rhythms.

With A City Remembrancer (2015), Gillett pushed his sound into bold new territories. Inspired by the shifting histories of London’s physical spaces, the album is both a beautifully detailed piece of sound and a nuanced, politicised eulogy to the city and its inhabitants.

Praise for A City Remembrancer

“It’s among the year’s densest, most arresting experimental records. Gillett taps into a deep well of feeling from London’s rich past and beleaguered future, making Remembrancer equal parts love letter and eulogy…” – Resident Advisor

“This album is a strong antidote to bland, homogenised culture in both society and music” – Include Me Out

“This is Britain not submerged but hanging on a thread; socio-political agitations, key council estate worries, local government politics…. Easily one of the best things I’ve heard all year…” – An Idiot’s Guide to Dreaming

“I think this is Gillett’s debut, and gets some serious applause from this camp as a result; this is brilliantly constructed stuff” – Norman Records

“the album is a step on from the more linear approach of Gillett’s earlier singles, dealing in layers of abstract ambience peppered with slithers of rhythm” – Juno Plus


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