Welcoming Shape Worship


We are delighted to announce that f&f will be releasing the debut album by Shape Worship later this year.

Shape Worship is the project of South London producer and musician Ed Gillett, whose first two EPs, released in 2013 on the labels Exotic Pylon and Gang of Ducks, take influences from club music, sampling, ambient textures and experimental electronics, creating densely-layered pieces rich in melody and detail.

“Each track is fleshy, a rich sensory experience, whether it’s a beatless interlude or a more robust workout. But it also stems from a knack for marrying the synthetic—bold, pearlescent synth leads and arpeggios, ample sub-bass—with the organic, particularly samples of non-Western instruments.” – Resident Advisor (on Observances)

“Shape Worship’s latest single may be house music in the technical sense, but elements of dub, IDM and ambient come through as strongly as its four-to-the-floor backbone. The warm beat of “Throughways” pulsates like thickened liquid, overlain with gossamer textures and wistful pads.” – Resident Advisor (on Throughways)

Shape Worship follows recent announcements about new projects with Laura Cannell and The Doomed Bird of Providence, and we’ve still got a few more plans in the works… it’s going to be a fun year.

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