Laura Cannell teams up with F&F…


We are delighted to announce that we will be working with Laura Cannell this year.  Laura will be releasing the follow-up to last year’s wonderful Quick Sparrows Over the Black Earth on F&F.

In her own words, Laura is ‘exploring the space between ancient, improvised, traditional & experimental music’.Through a series of releases, both solo and collaborations, Laura has collected a quite stunning catalogue of beautiful, timeless music primarily with fiddle, overbowed fiddle and double recorders but also percussion and other wind instruments.

Last year Kemper Norton remixed The Drowned Sacristan for Laura’s remix project Black Earth Remixes (also featuring Bass Clef, Ekoplekz, Hoofus, Luke Abbott and Hacker Farm), and the favour was returned with her incredible (and we don’t say that lightly) remix of Kemper’s Helston 91.

It is an absolute pleasure to be releasing Laura’s new album – more details coming soon.

The raw beauty of her melodies glimmer through prickly thickets of stark and dissonant chordal drones” – The Wire

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