EXCLUSIVE & FREE track from The Outer Church feat. Sone Institute

Together with The Outer Church, we bring you a new collaboration featuring Roman Bezdyk aka Sone Institute. Download a new track by Sone Institute / Time Attendant / Tidal FREE HERE.
Wednesday September 26th will witness the convergence of three unique musical forces at Brighton’s uncanniest audiovisual event The Outer Church.
Our very own Sone Institute will be joined by oceanic drone merchant Tidal and shadowy analogue manipulator Time Attendant for a three-way spectral alliance that threatens to rupture the very fabric of reality.
To mark this momentous occasion, all three artists have collaborated on a brand new exclusive track available to download free from HERE.
As Joe Stannard, creator and curator of The Outer Church says:
“This extraordinary piece of original music demonstrates the transcendent capabilities of all three participants. Between them, Sone Institute, Tidal and Time Attendant evoke the wonders of the cosmos with a sense of awe that would make Carl Sagan blush.”
We hope you enjoy the track!

Sone Institute – A Model Life

**Check out all the latest info on the new Sone Institute 
album over at the release page here**

We are delighted to announce that the new Sone Institute will be released on Monday 10th September.  Its a wonderful new sonic adventure from Roman Bezdyk, capturing the development of his sound over the last 18 months.  Check out a couple of tracks below, and a video feature the wonderful artwork for the album.

  Sone Institute – A Model Life by frontandfollow

Sone Institute also now has a website – check out soneinstitute.co.uk

Collision/Detection v4 by Hong Kong in the 60s

The fourth EP in the Collision/Detection project comes from Hong Kong in the 60s – bringing a unique and inspired vision to the series.
Hong Kong In The 60s are a three-piece electronic pop band from London and Cambridge, who released their debut album, “My Fantoms” in 2011. In the last couple of years, they have also released a collaborative 7″ with The Advisory Circle on the Ghost Box label and supported The High Llamas at the South Bank Centre.

The aim with this EP was to adapt the more abstract samples to melodic songform, whilst retaining their essential atmosphere. As the four songs were composed and recorded, a pastoral theme organically emerged, with each track describing a waypoint in an imaginary journey. “Into The Forest Of Eyes” also marks the next installment in the band’s ongoing Mouse Opera.

Collision/Detection is the second experimental audio project from Long Division with Remainders (LDWR) which sees invited artists submit audio clips into a central pot, which is then distributed around the group and others to do with as they see fit, resulting in a series of digital EPs released across the 2012 and 2013, then collected into a box set. The project will feature new and exclusive releases from a host of artists including Sone Institute, Isnaj Dui, The Doomed Bird of Providence, Kemper Norton and BLK Tag (BLK w/BEAR & Tag Cloud).
Current versions:
v1 by Psychological Strategy Board
v2 by West Norwood Cassette Library
v3 by The Lord

Collision/Detection v3 by The Lord

The third EP in Long Division with Remainders’ Collision/Detection series is OUT NOW, and comes from The Lord – a brave, bold and slightly mad series of musical interruptions following his spectacular recent album ‘Jesuit Trifle Syndrome’ on ExoticPylon Records (the follow-up to ‘Getting Off The Meths’). The Lord writes:
Some people like this music…..some people don’t like this music. My time is split between making music and not making music.  
My first attempt at making it in the music business was scuppered by those pesky kids at NASA. I tried to record the now defunct album “Cows In Space”. This was to be the biggest musical undertaking I would ever do (except plans for the follow up album “More Cows In Space”). I had bought myself a very good recording device and 10 cows whilst putting the final touches to my space rocket (a modified lawn-mower that my friend “Jimmy the Fish” had converted), when my application to launch from Cape Carnaveval was turned down. Even more, my provisional pilots license was revoked and so I had no permission to launch from anywhere else….subsequently “Cows In Space” (and therefore “Even More Cows In Space”) was never made. The off-shoot of this was that I was left with 10 cows, a modified lawn-mower, and a very good recording device. This turned into the snappily titled album “Cows Not In Space But In The Kitchen Instead (With A Lawn-mower That Was Meant To Take Them Into Space, But NASA Wouldn’t Let Me So It’s Now Just Sat Here Doing Nothing)”. I made one copy of this and gave it to the Oxfam on Harringbow Road in Gwent. I hope it was of use to them.

Collision/Detection v3 is out now to download – via Boomkat, iTunes, eMusic, Amazon etc.

Find out more about The Lord at whoisthelord.info

Collision/Detection v2 by West Norwood Cassette Library

Our second EP in the Collision/Detection series is OUT NOW, and comes from West Norwood Cassette Library.

His LDWR version encompasses the “warm and rough”(FACT Magazine) house style epitomised by Collision Bump and the drum & bass-charged approach of What’s Going On (Stuff is Happening), which is West Norwood Cassette Library’s homage to Jonny Mugwump and his Exotic Pylon (samples taken from his radio show). The project is book ended with two short collage pieces, Intro Digest and Outro Digest based on West Norwood Cassette Library’s recent “Instant Digest” project (hosted by the Modifyer blog).

Check out more on West Norwood Cassette Library HERE.

The stunning cover is again from Paul Loudon

More info on LDWR at www.ldwr.net

Collision/Detection v1 OUT NOW

The first EP in the new Collision/Detection series, by Psychological Strategy Board, is out now to download.

Head to ldwr.net for more info.

‘Psychological Strategy Board’s Jonny Mugwump and Paul Snowdon are not interested in pandering to their audience, but rather serve the music whole and undiluted for the listener to accept or reject. This boldness in sound lends great results with a wild experimentalism, akin to a near-relative of Morton Feldman crossed with angry French synth-punks Metal Urbain.’- Fluid Radio (full review HERE)

‘…the resulting oddness, like a perfectly glued Airfix kit of sound that melts straight into your cranium’- Rottenmeats (full review HERE)

‘Machine hum; ghost train clanking…or ghost trails… fogfucked mornings at the edge of the world;fishing boats rattling lobster pots against the shingle… the sea just about to swallow everything whole…’- An Idiot’s Guide to Dreaming (full review HERE)

Last Harbour remixes feat. Sone Institute & BLK w/BEAR

The new album from the wonderful Last Harbour is out now, released on Manchester’s Little Red Rabbit label. ‘Your Heart, It Carries the Sound’ comes is a stunning bespoke package (one we would be proud of), and the first 100 copies come with a bonus remix album (titled ‘Escape was all I ever meant’) featuring our very own Sone Institute and Trace Recordings’ BLK w/BEAR (as well as a host of others including Fieldhead and Paul Gregory from Lanterns on the Lake).

Head over to their website to pick up a copy quick.

LDWR Volume 2: Collision Detection

Front & Follow is delighted to announce our second experimental audio project from Long Division with Remainders (LDWR), following on from the success of ’14 Versions of the same EP’. LDWR’s second project, titled ‘Collision Detection’, sees invited artists submit audio clips into a central pot, which is then distributed around the group and others to do with as they see fit, resulting in a series of digital EPs released across the year and into 2013.

The project will feature new and exclusive releases from Sone Institute, Hong Kong in the 60s, Isnaj Dui, The Doomed Bird of Providence, Kemper Norton, BLK Tag (BLK w/BEAR & Tag Cloud), Psychological Strategy Board (Jonny Mugwump & Time Attendant), The Lord and West Norwood Cassette Library.

Our first EP comes from the mighty Psychological Strategy Board, released 27th February.

The Synthetic Profile by Psychological Strategy Board (for LDWR) by frontandfollow

For more information about the project and to check out the other artists involved, head to the Long Division with Remainders website at www.ldwr.net

The Doomed Bird of Providence
Christmas with Tom FREE DOWNLOAD

The Doomed Bird of Providence have recorded two festive songs exclusively for Tom Ravenscroft, and you can now download them for free below.

The reworking of traditional song Gower Wassail was played on Friday 16th Dec on his BBC 6 MUSIC show and a new track written by Mark Kluzek simply called Christmas Song was played on Friday 23rd Dec as part of Tom’s Christmas Show.


1. Christmas Song (Kluzek)

2. Gower Wassail (traditional)

Many thanks to Mark Beazley for mastering the tracks, and Tom and Adam for their support this year on 6 Music.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
from everyone at Front & Follow!

The Doomed Bird of Providence
– The Bell of the Jardines / The Death Flurry

The new single from The Doomed Bird of Providence, featuring two new tracks: The Bell of the Jardines and The Death Flurry (a live favourite) is now available to download, and a limited edition mini CD is in the F&F shop.

“The ‘Australian Colonial Gothic‘ of The Doomed Bird of Providence is a fine re-definition of what a December single should sound like.” – The Folly of Youth

The Doomed Bird of Providence – The Bell of the Jardines / The Death Flurry by frontandfollow

Continuing the theme from their recent album ‘Will Ever Pray’, the tracks recount tales from early Australian history. The Bell of the Jardines is about Frank Jardine, telling the story of his troubled life through journeys across North East Australia, abducting Somian princesses, attracting the ships to the rocks (with ‘the bell of the Jardines’), and his eventual death of leprosy.

The Death Flurry is in inspired by the work of Scottish-Australian singer Harry Robertson, and tells the tale of whaling exploits of Norfolk Islanders, whilst also referencing the painting The Death Flurry by Oswald W. Brierly.

‘Australia’s most enchanting new band’ – Tom Ravenscroft, New Statesman

Sorry about your (remixes) by BLK w/BEAR

BLK w/BEAR – Sumimasen by frontandfollow

Our latest release on F&F sees Washington DC’s BLK w/BEAR take on Yonokiero‘s Blue Apples album, resulting in a wonderful selection of experimental interpretations. BLK w/BEAR, known for their work on Mark Beazley’s Trace Recordings label and as a cornerstone of the Washington DC art scene, previously contributed to our Long Division with Remainders project.

Go HERE for more info.

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